Innovation & Precision
High technology with Swiss precision
Our quality is the basis for your competitiveness
With our products, you are always one step ahead
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Innovation & Präzision
Spitzentechnologie mit Schweizer Präzision
Unsere Qualität ist die Basis für ihre Konkurrenzfähigkeit
Mit unseren Produkten sind Sie immer eine Nasenlänge voraus
Unser Support garantiert Ihre Effizienz

WYLER AG, Winterthur / Switzerland is the leading manufacturer of
precision spirit levels, Clinometers, electronic inclination measuring instruments,
inclination measuring sensors and software for inclination measurement.

 - SINCE 1928 - 

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"The country that has traditionally been particular about things, 
and is thus synonymous with precision work around the world."


Birthplace of groundbreaking metrological innovations in Switzerland, the country that has traditionally strived for ever greater exactness and is thus synonymous with precision work around the world. 

We have consistently been on the right path with our innovations since 1928. In the process, our consistent attention to the wishes and demands of our clients has made a significant contribution. The result is unsurpassed solutions in the area of electronic inclination measurement, inclination sensors, measurement software and precision spirit levels.


Board of Directors of WYLER AG, Switzerland